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Fernando Perdomo started producing when he was 17 years old. His production influences include Todd Rundgren, Alan Parsons, Jon Brion, Jason Falkner, and Jeff Lynne. He owns and operates Forward Motion Studios in Los Angeles, CA.  His regular clientele range from established artists to up and coming indie singer songwriters. He also has produced commercial music for Target, McDonalds, Toyota, Honda, Toyota, Dunkin Donuts and various TV shows


Fernando Perdomo Production Discography


Sara Beth - Love Is Terrible (single) 

Fernando Perdomo  + Matt Tecu - Art 

The Black Mass - Original Soundtrack 

Feef - Special Friend 

John McAndrew - Untitled new Album 

Life On Mars - Untitled New Album 

Fernando Perdomo - Self 

Danny Ayala (Dr,. Danny)  - Untitled New Album 

Kiah - Just Say It 

Jim Camacho - Untitled New Album 

Christopher Lockett - Untitled New Album 

Sheva  Ellipt - Holy War (Single) 


Nine Mile Station - - Bazar

Appice Perdomo Project - Running Up That Hill 

Various Artists - Shine On  (A Tribute to Pete Ham) 

Various Artists - Abbey Road Reimagined 

Various Artists - A Very Metal Christmas 1 and 2 

Mandy Marylane - Drive (Single) 

Feef - Cleo Redux 

Chrome - Blue Exposure 

Rebecca Pidgeon - Everybody Learning to Fly EP 

The Fusion Syndicate - A Speedway on Saturn's Rings

The Fusion Syndicate - Beautiful Horizon 

Fernando Perdomo - Guitar As A Voice

Bette Smith feat Arthur Adams -  Sign Your Name (Single) 

Bette Smith feat HArvey Mandel - Tennessee Whiskey  (Single) 

Arthur Adams - Last Night - Single 

Arthur Adams - Sheis a Superwoman  (Single) 

Arthur Adams - Got Your Back (Single) 

Justin John Rodriguez - Death's Door (Single) 

Alex Bergan - That  Place (Single) 

Katie Ferrara - Don't Stop Me Now (Single) 

Nine Mile Station - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Single) 

Sara Beth - Simply The Best (Single) 

Keelah Tay - Time Zones 

Keelah Tay - Window Pain (Single)

Rogatum - Landslide (Single) 

Mystery Rose - A Glimpse of my Rotten Past

Medicine Hat - She Comes And She Goes (Single) 

Danny Henry - Off Vaudeville 

Sara Beth - Benny and The Jets (Single) 

Sara Beth and Cameron Cameron Whitcomb - Can't Get Over You  (Single) 

The Free Design - Shepherds and Wisemen-  (Single) 

Dan Markell - Christmas Stuff (Single) 

Alih Jey - Another Sad Christimas (Single) 

Life On Mars - Shadows In A Jar


Life On Mars - At Stars End 

Yammering Snout - Yammering Snout 

Fernando Perdomo - Rev On feat Ken Sharp 

Someone/Anyone? A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Todd Rundgren's Something Anything 

Louise Goffin - I Saw The Light 

Keelah Tay - Atomic Bliss

The Dirty Diamond - I Come Alive 

Fernando Perdomo - Jangle 

James Booth and The Return - Postcards from The New Frontier

Christopher Lockett - At the Station 

Lauren Leigh - Ghost In The Picture

Arthur Brown - Monster's Ball (one track) 

James Houlahan - Beyond The Borders

Medicine Hat - Sadie 

Truckerbomb - Break My Heart 

Katie Ferrara - Love Aint Simple 

Ken Sharp - I'll Remember Laughter

Rebecca Pidgeon - Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound

Fjaere - Cleo September

Louise Goffin - Upcoming Project 

Red Jodido - Derumbiendo Hoteles 

Brian Jay Cline - Paper Route 

Frost - Original Soundtrack by Fernando Perdomo 


Appice Perdomo Project - Energy Overload 

James Houlahan - Ordinary Eye 

Danny Henry - Pink Haired Lady 

Denny Seiwell and Fernando Perdomo - Ram On : The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Paul and Linda McCartney's Ram

Mandy Marylane - Blues Shack 

Nine Mile Station - Open Highways 

Ksenia Luki - Game 

Heros Gabri - Sleepy Hollow 

Mark Murdock - The Phoenix has Risen 

Mark Murdock - Visitors From Another Planet 

Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo - San Fernando Blast 

Ken Sharp - Hellcat 

Ken Sharp  - Miniatures 

Ken Sharp - Liquid Mercury 

Robert Bidney -  Their Memory Survives 

Keelah Tay - Strays

Fernando Perdomo - Sticking to Guitar 

Troubadours - Tears 


The Sea Tease - Resilient

Fernando Perdomo - The Leo August Album 

Trudy Miquelerena - Ghost

Shelter Skelter - Pandemic Beach Party Single 

Justin Autry - Captive Single 

Sandy McKnight Feat Fernando Perdomo - San Fernando Beat

Frank Severino - Start

Eric Jude - Rest Easy Single 

Bill Hartmann - Take Me Home Single 

Katie Ferrara - Break Free (one song). 

Squids Out to Sea - Till The Stars Go Out Single

Justin Autry - 20 After Midnight Single

Fernando Perdomo - Yacht

Christina Knighten - Love Liberates

Tysa Goodrich - Cayote Cries

Open Sound - Open Sound

Between Dreams - Wishful Thinking 

Batteaux - Valerie

Jorge Moreno - Martial Law Single

Fernando Perdomo - Out to Sea 3

Brian Franklin - Cleveland Single

Brian Jay Cline - Songs for a Generation of X's

Ken Sharp - Hold On World

Lauren Leigh - Flare

Fern and Celli - Language

Dr Danny and the Patients - Power Moves

Fernando Perdomo - The Crimson Guitar


Carey Peak - Fascination Indignation

Brothers of Others - Kids

Fernando Perdomo - Zebra Crossing

Eric Jude -  Relic of the Rodeo Single  

Ken Sharp - World's Fair  Single 

The Dirty Diamond - To The Stars

Molly Livingston - Ghost Story Single 

Danny Henry - Danifest Destiny

Ken Sharp - Rock and Roll Super Show single

Brian Jay Cline - The Avenue

Paul Greene - Freedom For Your Soul

Jo Potter - Tonight

Robert Bidney - Rush of Hope 

The Sisters Mann - From The Dark

Tyson Kelly - No Signal 

Rebecca Pidgeon - Sudden Exposure To Light

The Dirty Diamond - From The Stars 

The Dirty Diamond featuring Andra Day - Going Though Changes Single

Brian Jay Cline - Critics Darling EP 

Between Dreams - The Space Between Single 

Fernando Perdomo - Out to Sea 2  

Various Artists - White Lace and Promises (A Tribute to Paul Williams) one track 


Ken Sharp - Beauty In The Back Seat

Backyard Star - It Never Snows in LA Single 

Christopher Lockett - Between the Dark and the Light

Danny Henry - Darling Eyes Single 

Fernando Perdomo - Zebra Crossing 

Sonic Elements - Yesterday and Today: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Yes 

James Houlahan - The Wheel Still In Spin 

Greg Lato - Cassetting Son 

Encino Evil - E-Scooter Single 

Fernando Perdomo - Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice 

The New Empire - Out of our Hands Single

Ed Hale - So For Real 

Robbie Gennet  - Gleams

Nezrok - Imagine That single  

Jacob Jeffries - Mother Land 

Life On Mars - Trance Formation 

Ken Sharp - Beauty In The Backseat

Linda Perhacs - I'm A Harmony 

Danny Henry - Cereal Man Single

Ken Sharp - I Wanna Be David Cassidy single

Jennifer Kaiser - Closer To Red 

Tre Howl - I Dont Wanna Ride Your Wave single

Brian Jay Cline - Idle Chatter 

Fern and Celli - The Conversations

Fernando Perdomo - Out to Sea  

FARRINGTON - Same Play Different Actors EP 

Cristina Vane - Troubled Sleep EP  


Cait Brennan- Third  

Life on Mars - The Resurrection of Ants 

David Batteau -  Blue Love 

Ahn- EP 

Gretchen's Wheel - Sad Scientist  (One song) 

Durga McBroom - Queen of Kayoss 

Christine Leakey - Wanderlust Wishing Well (one song) 

Graham Marshall - Mr. Complicated 

Brian Jay Cline - Writers Block 


Trysette Loosemore - Shadow Girl (one song)  

Ken Sharp - My Favorite Songbook 

Fernando Perdomo - Voyeurs

Jealous Man - LA Noir (single) 

Ken Sharp - New Mourning 

Brian Jay Cline - Writers Block 

Jacob Jeffries - Limb (Single) 

Bill Hartmann - Just Like Water

The Dirty Diamond - Changes (single) 

Edan Archer - Cruel Mother 

Ed Hale - Tell You True  (Single) 

Elijah Cross - Here's The Skinny 

James Starflower - PET YOUR STEREO 

Cait Brennan - Debutante 

Brian Jay Cline - Solid State 

Choix - Right to be Wrong (Single)

Girl Dissapearing - Temporarily in the Maya 


Jacob Jeffries - Even Now (Single)  

Robert Avellanet -  Shine A Light (Single)  

Robert Bidney-  It's All About The Love 

Alih Jey - Steal Your Boyfriend (single) 

Life On Mars -  Far  

Choix - Shine (single) 

Kira Kushnirova- Make Me (Single) 

The Defiant - Plans and Schemes (single)  

Todd Rundgren - Collide- A Scope (Fernando Perdomo Remix) 

Jeanne Partridge - Be Your Angel  

Yves Giraud - I'm Your Light 

David Divad - Healing Hands 

The Rosannah Sisters - Whatever Happens 

Franco and The Dreadnought - Like Yeah, No I Dont Know (single)  

Brian Jay Cline - Trick Photography


Ex Norwegian - Wasted Lines 

San Fernando - The Sound (single) 

The Dirty Diamond - From The Stars (Single)

Zak Schaffer - Part of Your Collection 

Gayle Skidmore - Barrel, Trigger, Gun (Single) 

Gayle Skidmore - Rag Doll (Single) 

Gayle SkidMore - Let Me Down (Single) 

Trudy Love - Cosa 

Fernando Perdomo - Warm 

Fernando Perdomo - Dreams 

Alih Jey - Car Trouble 

Jawn Star- 5 Points of Light 

Nicole Marcus - Nicole Marcus 

The Defiant - Plans and Schemes

Andy Pratt -  The New Normal? 

Linda Perhacs- The Soul Of all Natural Things 
Robert Avellanet- Heart and Soul 

Andy Pratt - Chasing Shadows  
Little Dove  "Little Dove" 
Graham Marshall -  Makin it On My Own Single 
Apryl Electra-  Follow the Breeze  
Records and Tape-   Best Type of Regret  single
Records and Tapes- Hard To Believe  single 
The Defiant -  Guilty  Single 
Jim Camacho- Everywhere EP 
Andrew Johnston- Teenage Paws  single 
Melissa Thatcher -  The Streets of Silverlake

Fernando Perdomo  "Postcards from Reseda" 

Ed Hale and The Transcendence - The Great Mistake 
The Super Fuzz - Art Noise 
Jorge Moreno - This Town single 


The Sunrise - We Have Not Heard

Andy Pratt - Life and Death 

Alih Jey - Tarte 2010

Dreaming in Stereo - Dreaming in Stereo 2 
Ed Hale - Ballad on Third Ave  2009

The Sunrise -  Spread the Word 2010
Rachel Goodrich - Rachel Goodrich (one track) 2010
Rachel Goodrich - Tinker Toys (one track) 2008
Andy Pratt - Andy Pratt Loves You 2010
Lizette Santana - Aun Sueno En Ti  2010
Jennifer Kaiser - Masquerade 2010
The Mann Sisters - The Mann Sisters EP 2010
Union Cell - All The Pretty Things - 2010
Kingsley and Perdomo - Fake Smiles 2010
Jill Hartman - Things I Want to Remember 2010
Omine - Whiskey and Chocolate 2010
Dreaming in Stereo - Dreaming in Stereo 2009
Dreaming in Stereo - Dreaming in Stereo 2 2010
Ex Norwegian - Sketch (2 tracks) 2009
Arboles Libres - Arboles Libres 2010
Yves Giraud - Hello 2009
Jorge Moreno - Thank You single 2009

Dreaming in Stereo - Dreaming In Stereo 
Jo Potter - Saved 2007
Jo Potter - 8 Circles 2005
Tim Charron - Greatest Hits 2006
Singing for AJ- The Book of Job (an LA Experience) 2007
Transcendence - Nothing is Cohesive 2008
Michael Isla - Sonic Self Portrait 2009
Resonance - Frequency 2010

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